“This Program fits perfectly with my crazy schedule..”

Busy Professional

~ Jocelyn Marine ~

“The instructions Carlota gives are very precise and on point..”

Medical Doctor & Former Ballet Dancer

~ Stefano Sirianni ~

“It was the first time I really understood how my body worked..”

Rhythmic Gymnast Team GBR

~ Leyla Yilmaz ~

“The increased flexibility has really benefitted our training..”

Personal Trainer & Gym Addict

~ Alistair Sim ~



To Build Strength, Enhance Mobility & Achieve Balance


Low-impact but high on intense muscle engagement

Lifetime access to all videos in your chosen Program

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Free Bonus Videos For All Programs Purchased

+ Shoulder Mobility Practice

(22 Minutes)

+ Wrist Mobility Practice

(9 Minutes)

+ Journey To A Free Handstand

(18 Videos, 2-3 Minutes Each)


You will feel more energized.

You will feel stronger.

You will have better posture.

You will feel more centered and balanced.

You will feel better protected against falls and injuries.

You will have a greater range of movement to accomplish daily tasks with improved ease.



Anyone from unfit beginners to elite athletes to over-trained gym addicts who may have developed unbalanced muscle strength and misalignments.

My signature Gygalates Programs are all about alignment, muscle engagement and controlled breathing for optimal results.

A bit about me…
I started practicing rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5. At 19, I retired from competition and started coaching. Between 2009 and 2018 I coached several English and British champions as well as members of the English and British National squad teams. Today I continue to mentor elite gymnasts around the world.
It’s through all this that I discovered my love for teaching and getting the best out of anyone – not by imposing harsh disciplines and rules, but by discovering the inner triggers that produce self-motivation for each student. I love that!
I am also a fully trained yoga and pilates teacher.


Over the years, I’ve discovered that practicing just one kind of training in isolation is never enough!

So I’ve taken the best from each discipline… the mobility aspects from gymnastics, the strength and stability of core engagement from pilates and the best of yoga moves to create a fluid balanced practice that anyone at any level of fitness can engage with.

I’ve found that this kind of training makes the practice of each separate discipline like yoga or pilates even better!

Let’s start our journey together to create the best body for you… to attain and maintain strength, mobility and balance.

“For me, Gygalates is the perfect expression of what I can best offer to the world, to all my students - young and old.”





  • I'm an unfit beginner. Can I follow your training without injury?

    Absolutely. My instructions in each video cover modifications suited for beginners, as well as adjustments for those seeking a greater challenge. Each program allows you to work out in a way that suits your fitness journey. But everyone, no matter what the level of fitness, will discover greater mobility, more flexibility, muscle engagement, and overall balance and strength. For the WHOLE body – not just isolated parts which could become over developed by certain types of training and can be damaging in the long run.

  • Why have you combined gymnastics + yoga + pilates in your Gygalates Programs?

    I started practicing rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5. At 19, I retired from competition and started coaching. I then also became a fully trained yoga and pilates teacher. The really interesting thing I’ve discovered is that practicing just one thing in isolation is never enough! So that’s how my signature Gygalates Program came to be… a unique training method that delivers the best of all 3 disciplines to help build a strong and stable body, enhance mobility and achieve better balance. Also, I have found that this kind of training makes the practice of each separate discipline like yoga or pilates even better!

  • What happens after I’ve gone through all the videos in my Program?

    The way my training videos are structured, you can cycle through the entire Program over and over again… Each time you’ll discover a new experience for your body, a new and heightened level of muscle engagement. If you had purchased a separate yoga, pilates or mobility program, I encourage you to try the full Gygalates Program that combines all 3 disciplines for optimum results. Your body will appreciate each separate discipline even more after that.

  • If I can’t do a particular movement, should I push myself or skip that move?

    Your body has wisdom, let it guide you. Sometimes a move may look more difficult than it actually is. So try it first and you may find you can do it quite easily. But never push beyond your current ability. As you journey on through the Program you will discover a growing ability to achieve what you may now think looks impossible.

  • There are so many free training videos available on YouTube… why should I pay for a Gygalates Program?

    One word – Accountability. To yourself. Free training is great, and we offer you a Free Trial as well to judge if Gygalates is right for you… and if I am right for you as a trainer! But committing to a program, tracking your progress, having access to additional livestream training, networking and being part of our Facebook community… that takes you to a whole different level of engagement with your fitness goals.

  • Can I adjust my practice schedule, or do I need to strictly follow your suggested Day Plan?

    You can practice whenever, wherever… at home, on the go, from any device. I’ve structured the days each week for optimal results but YOU get to choose when and how often you practice, in a way that suits you best. Since you have lifetime access to your videos, you can cycle through them again and again. Each time, you’ll experience a new and improved level of muscle engagement!