Today, the world is going at such high speed that we have unknowingly disconnected from ourselves. In this fast-paced hamster wheel that we are living in, we have lost the much-needed balance between body and mind. We seem to think that to build positive personal relationships, and to be successful professionally and socially, we have to live at 1000 mph.

Many of us think that it is nearly impossible to live a successful life where physical exercise and self-care are part of the mix but I have cultivated a way in which I can do just that without sacrificing the connection between my body and what happens around me. And this is how the story begins.

Hi! I am Carlota Viguer, a Spanish woman, mother, wife, coach and primary school teacher living in Malaysia. Just your average 40 year old lady! My whole life, I have been deeply drawn to understanding how our physical and mental state tie together as one. For me, feeling energised is essential to leading a successful life.

My background as a gymnastics coach and Pilates and yoga instructor has led me to understand that any sport, practiced in isolation is great, yes, but not quite enough. That’s why I have taken the strength aspects of gymnastics, the stability of core engagement from Pilates and the best of yoga moves to create a fluid whole-body practice that anyone, at any level of fitness, and regardless of what other sports they practice, can engage with.


With my whole life invested in rhythmic gymnastics and, later on, in Pilates and yoga, I started practicing a bit of one and the other, never in isolation but always combining them to my own physical advantage, slowly building fluid routines depending on what I was looking for on a particular day.


I continued to practice this from the comfort of my own living room for years maintaining great levels of energy and vitality, and as I got older, the people around me started to ask me questions about my fitness practice. They all wanted to know the same: How have I managed to maintain a youthful appearance and mindset while working full time and being a mum and a wife. It was obvious that the mental and physical benefits of my practice were not going unnoticed. “Share your secret”, friends would joke.

I found that I couldn’t give them a straight answer as I was doing a bit of yoga, a bit of Pilates, and a bit of gymnastics. It was then that, with a bit of determination and a push from my family, “Gygalates” was born, a program designed from the bottom of my heart that brings the best of gymnastics, yoga, and Pilates together to help everyone find that connection between their physical practice and the fast-paced world around them. Making it possible to have a real-life fitness program that allows you to succeed in understanding and caring for your body while also enjoying yourself.


And, after 7 months of hard work, bringing my life experience to reality, in September 2021 Gygalates was ready to be shared with the world, ready to give everyone the opportunity to change their life on their own schedule and from the comfort of their own homes. My dream of ‘real fitness for real people’ had become a reality.



  • You can do all the exercises without leaving your home or your workplace. There’s no need to go to the gym!
  • No ties. No membership fees. The program is yours to enjoy forever. The lifetime access allows you to make your own permanent routine without paying an annual or mensual membership fee. 
  • There’s no fixed schedule, so you manage your own time. You can practice Gygalates anytime and anywhere.
  • You won’t get lost, I promise! The program is video based so you can choose to do it as a follow-along session.
  • Gygalates is a program made by a real woman, for real people in a dynamic and forever changing world

So, it is time for you to take on the challenge of choosing a joyful, young, and energizing lifestyle! I invite you to download the Gygalates free trial and start a new, better life today!

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